Help Me Choose

I am working on a new (but very similar) vocabulary product. I am using Marzano’s 30-word core-content vocabulary. Robert Marzano suggests that since it takes our struggling learners 40+ exposures to a new word for them to own it, we should teach 30 core words in each subject area. I am taking those 30 words and making cards similar to my Word of the Day cards. These will be available in two 15-word sets per content area (science, social studies, language arts, and math). I am planning to do them for grades 2–5. Here’s where I need help. Would you rather have these cards in black and white or with color?

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Choice 4

Would you be interested in this product? Which would you rather print? Please let me know!

BTS 12 250x125

Sale starts tomorrow! Don’t miss it! (I am having a bonus day on Tuesday!)



6 thoughts on “Help Me Choose

  1. I love choice one – the splash of color is vivid, the black and white is easy on printer ink as well as bold to the eye. I just love your vocab cards and can’t wait to use them with my kids!

    • Thanks for your opinion. I know that ink is so expensive! I’m not sure I’d want to print all of my own things in color! I was thinking perhaps I could market them both ways. Thanks again.

    • I will add both options to my tpt store today or tomorrow. It will be listed as 30 Core Content Vocabulary Words Science Grade 3 Set 1 (b/w or color). THanks so much!

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