Catching Up

Technology is running away from me! I am afraid I will never catch up. I don’t know how to do too many things. When I copy things onto my blog, they sometimes disappear. I don’t know how to copy buttons to make things easier. Being a guest blogger required 8–10 emails and many fruitless searches to correct errors. I am working on reviewing an amazing product and I can’t figure out all of the connections I need. I don’t know how to post it so that a person can click on it to get what they need.

And now I go back to school. My time for learning this is going to diminish greatly. I need an e-learning coach! I love blogging, but I can get so frustrated!!!

Here’s today’s Word of the Day:

Set 2 # 3

And if you missed it on Christina’s blog, here is yesterday’s word of the day:

Set 2 # 2

And yesterday in my guest blog at, I explained how I use this activity for the first day of school:

Someday I hope to be able to do all of this without any of the hassle!



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