Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is an important informal gauge of how well your students are understanding a concept. They can certainly be used before, during, and after instruction. These assessments will help you determine what you need to reteach and which students need further instruction.

One simple method is to have a card where students can update you on how they are doing. It can simply show green for good to go or red for stuck or stopped.

A method I use is “4 Corners.” I have signs in the corners of my room. 1 indicates no understanding of the word, 2 means you have heard it and read it, but aren’t very sure about it, 3 means you are making some connections, you have a general idea of the word, and 4 means you know the word and you can tell the class what it means. I have students rate new vocabulary to determine which words need further development. It is a quick chance to be up and moving. I use it again after instruction to have students show the growth they feel in the development of their new vocabulary.

Here are some cards you could use for this method:

Formative numbers

I colored these numbers from red (stopped) to green (ready to go).

Check out this great formative assessment by 3rdGrThoughts. I love how the words novice, apprentice, practitioner, and expert are presented. Students can develop new vocabulary at the same time as they rate their understanding.

Word of the Day card:

Set 2 # 9

You can find more at my TpT store.

Say a prayer for my student teacher. She received word today of cervical cancer. Thanks.



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