Homophone Hink Hinks

“He: ‘Whale you be my valentine?’ She: ‘Dolphinitely.'” ―Adam Young

Homophones need to be practiced! I don’t think they’ll ever be perfected. I find myself slipping from time to time (or is that thyme to thyme?). Students need to put effort into this maze of confusing words. Here is a spot where a little daily practice would be a very good thing. Just a quick pair of sentences with the missing words being a homophone pair would provide an opportunity to reinforce this skill.

There are many fun drill games available all over the internet, many center activities available, many worksheets. Help your students grow in this area. Help them make sense of what they read and help us make sense of what they write!

Here’s a fun activity. It is a twist on hink-pinks. Hink-pinks are two rhyming words that answer a riddle. For example: What do you call a beautiful Christmas tree? A fine pine.

My hink-hinks use a homophone pair to answer the question. Enjoy!

The PDF file contains the answer key: Homophone Hink Hinks

Here’s a Homophone header for your Word Study notebook:

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See you tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Homophone Hink Hinks

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  2. Pingback: Freebie Flashback | Devoted To Vocabulary Development

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