Shades of Meaning

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the  human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.
Maya  Angelou

One of the benefits of the human voice, as Maya is telling us, is that inflection, intensity, and tone can add to our understanding of what is being said.

One of the benefits of a human face and eyes is being able to read the depth of meaning behind the words that are spoken.

One of the benefits of an extensive vocabulary is being able to find a word that means exactly what you want to say.

Children are learning all of these communications skills, usually without instruction and some much more successfully than others. We, as teachers, can help, possibly in all areas, but especially in vocabulary.

When students understand that different words carry a different connotation, they can become a better reader and writer. They might even become more socially adept.

This activity on synonym ranking is an excellent chance for students to discuss and decide shades of meanings for words. Many other pages are available in my Synonym Ranking product. It is only $2.50! And I have a sale going for buy two get one free.

I found another example of a great teaching tool on TPT today. (It is created by a very new seller. She sold her first item yesterday!) This Freebie contains 9 great slides to teach about specific language. It is by 2nd -Grade Snickerdoodles. Click on her slide to go to her freebie! She has lots of great stuff!

I wonder what other vocabulary treasures I can find on TPT?



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